Habitat for Humanity

Has anyone seen the new commercial for Habitat for Humanity? The lady attempts to take the lid off of a can and she takes the roof off of the house. The message is that not everyone can afford both food and shelter. I think it is an amazing ad and a simple way of getting a point across. Very impressive. Habitat for Humanity has certainly done a great job at getting their point across in a visual sense and translating it into feeling. Kudos to them! Wonderful advertising for a wonderful cause!


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The Funeral Home

Today I had a rather strange thought. As I walked into a funeral home feeling extremely somber and out of sorts, I was greeted at the door by a staff member of the funeral home. Now this has happened many times before when I have walked into a funeral home, but today it struck me. Maybe it is because I am so focussed on my career right now, or maybe I just needed something to distract me from how I was really feeling. But, I looked at the woman, and I thought, you know you should probably go into Public Relations. I mean these people deal in a type of crisis mode everyday. They have to show a calm presence at all times and truly look the part of the professional. They also plan “events” and deal with upset people all of the time. Public Relations professionals could learn something from them. I mean no disrespect in what I am saying, but it just struck me as odd. Funeral home employees are a kind of Public Relations person. Just a thought. Have a good week everyone.

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Quebec City

The current ad campaign promoting Quebec City is quite interesting. I hear the promo’s on the radio and it actually pulls me in. I have never had a desire to go to this city, infact most of my travels in Quebec have been negative, but for some reason the advertisments for the 400th anniversary of this city entise me to actually go there. The idea that North America grew out of this city is amazing, and the way that these ads have captured me are quite surprising. I don’t usually respond to advertisements, but I am impressed greatly by these ads. Emphasizing the historical importance of this city is a great marketing angle. Great job!

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Being Shy

As a soon to be graduated student of Public Relations it may seem odd  that I consider myself shy. I am infact an extremely shy person. In order to work a room and meet people I have to really push myself. It can be at times, exhausting physically for me. I always feel great after I put myself out there and meet people. There are many opportunities that arise that allow us to meet new people and learn from them. But it is all about getting out there and making an impression. After working on getting over shyness for many years now, I have learned a few things about myself. Most importantly for me, I just have to do it. I will watch someone across the room (some may consider this stalking) and I watch for a good moment and I just walk up and introduce myself. It is like diving in head first. It is amazing the people that you will meet and the experiences that you will have. Over the past year I have truly put this to practice and it is amazing the things that I have learned and the people that I have met. So even though I may be shy and in Public Relations, that doesn’t mean I won’t be successful. It just takes some effort.

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I was driving home the other day and heard something that is very rare. It was an apology. It was a sound bite on the radio, and it was just a straight up apology. There were no excuses, just, “I am sorry.” I thought it was surprising to hear such a thing, and quite refreshing. Before liabilities and such came to be, people used to take responsibility for their actions. It is rare for people to apologize publicly anymore, even if it is their fault.

This got me to thinking about Public Relations. Is it not better to apologzie for something that your organization did wrong, than do lie about it and try to forget it ever happened? Whatever happened to integrity? It was nice to hear in this day in age, that people still do apologize for things. I think we all should do it more often.

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personal education

 There has been a huge decline in personal education. The drive to educate one’s self on the issues surrounding them. People seem to be blissfully unaware of the issues that plague our planet as a whole and even the small issues in their community.

 One of the most important things that we all take for granted are the resources available to us to educate ourselves. I am not talking about going to a formal school, rather just the ability to question things. We must question things. Not everything that is told in the media is absolute truth or unbiased.  Be passionate about something, research it for yourself. It is amazing the things that you will find out.

Just care. There are so many things going on in this world that matter and are well beyond celebrity gossip. People are fighting diseases that we have cures for, starving while we throw out our leftovers, not being able to access education while we skip our classes. Educate yourself on things that do matter. Form an opinion. This world has no more room for indifference.

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